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This website is designed to keep both students and parents updated and involved with English classes at GDHS.

This website will direct you to a variety of essential resources and information that pertain to the course(s) taught by Mr. Thompson in which you are currently enrolled.

My office hours are by appointment. Please fill in the 'Contact' page to make an appointment .  I look forward to our work together this semester and I hope you enjoy the course

Tips for English Students

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    Show up

    Attendance is a key factor in any course or place of employment. If you are not present, you will not learn.
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    Submit Assignments

    I cannot mark what I do not have. The HDSB's assignment policy has changed.
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    Be on-time

    If you were continually late for work, would you have a job? School is your 'job''.


  • Lunch & Learn

    GDHS has instituted a lunch and learn program where students can catch up on incomplete work
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